terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010

The Quest for the Frozen Tear

by KAY, The Grey Knight

Tear, treasure of this broken realm
Is the goal of the quest I've started.
The realm is everywhere. I don't know
Where its borders are, for they are inside me.
Tear, last bastion of a broken faith,
Call me in a howl thru the wastelands,
Thru the swamps, thru the desert
And I fear to awnser this call,
But the quest I started cannot be
Dismissed so easlily, so thoughtlessly.

The striders wander through the entire broken realm,
Searching every corner, searching every house,
Me in their midst, as a sheep among wolves.

The cenotaph is all we found, the tear is frozen,
Only in this dry and cold land that is my soul
Could this mockery of passion silently occur.

As we take the frozen tear to our homeland,
Ther perils of the journey back start to increase:
Nomads, marauders, sinners, necromancers...
All crossing our path, all trying to stop
The inevitable doom of the frozen tear.
We're home again. We're outside our very soul.
We finally cast the shameful frozen tear
Inside the bottomless pit of my lover's soul,
Where the remnants of the love she felt, ages ago,
Will turn the frozen tear into mist of tears...


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